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About Us

Lelantos Studios is an Australian based software and design company. Originally founded in 2017 to create a video game, it has since expanded into a range of creative enterprises, from software to music and video and audio editing.

If you need something creative made or edited, we can do it, or we can get you into contact with someone who can, though our Friends of the Studio program.

Our Services

We provide a wide range of services.


With experience in wordpress and css, we can make your websites work perfectly and look amazing as well.


We can write and record original songs, or edit and mix other songs or audio that you might need.


With experience with C++, Java, Python and more, we can develop software to make your life easier.


From touchups to item removal or replacement, we can edit images to your desire.

Game Design

Game design is our passion, tabletop/boardgame/gamification/video. We love everything.


Our company started by making games in Unity, and unity is where we are most comfortable.

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